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What they say about us

‘‘The Best Festival You’ve Never Heard Of Is In Quebec City .’’

‘‘On a massive stage, headliners Neil Young, The Weekend, Beck, Shawn Mendes, Future, Foo Fighters, Beck and Lorde drew as many as 80,000 people each night to Festival d’Été in Québec City earlier this summer, a unique not-for-profit music festival in an old Canadian francophone city with a population of a half-million.’’

‘‘Nested in the pure and bliss city of Quebec, the famed Festival d’été de Québec, stands as the apex of Canadian festival culture, dominating its industry since its beginning in 1968. With an array of stages and performances after dark — via its Extras FEQ stage, the 2022 July 6th – 17th offering, delivered in presenting to audiences an array of palettes primed for a post-lockdown environment across the city.’’

"With the proliferation of music festivals here in North America and throughout the world, the choice of where to spend one’s money and time to see the artists you love is not an easy one. Based on the brief experience I had at the fest, I daresay that FEQ might be your best bet."