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Eat & drink

Everything needed to satisfy you

Options for all tastes on FEQ sites

Tacos, sushis, poke bowls, poutines, burgers, vegetarians options, desserts and more. There is something for every taste!

Your spot for food + cocktails

Start or end your evening in the festive atmosphere of La Terrasse. Here, you’ll find a street food truck and the Martini bars where you can drink cocktails and eat just steps away from all the stages, between the Armoury and the Plains of Abraham.

This is where the party starts

Make Le Cœur your meeting place: with its combination of street food, drinks and music, it’s the perfect prelude to a perfect night at FEQ at Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale.

On the go

Hungry but short on time? Eat quickly and well in the area, without breaking the bank.


Poutine is the headliner of these Quebec restaurants, which also serve other local classics in their own original way.

Food from a different world

We boast some excellent locations for foodies who’d like to discover the cuisines of an array of cultural communities.

Food for the big nights

It’s at one of these tables that you really comprehend why Quebec City is one of the best culinary destinations in the country.

Music and fine alcohol pairings

While on the lookout for the best local music, FEQ also likes what’s locally made on tap. That’s why there’s no shortage of places in town to taste the beers and spirits brewed with love right here!