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Frequently asked questions

Handy tips

  • How can I get to the FEQ?

    There are different possibilities for you to come to the Festival. Check our page!

  • What can I bring at the Festival?

    Check the complete list of permitted and prohibited objects before getting to the Festival.

  • Can I buy food and drinks on site?

    Yes. Drinks are sold on all Festival sites and there are concession stands on the Plains of Abraham. You'll find a picnic area, bars and food trucks at Cœur du FEQ located at Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale. Bars and foodtrucks will also be located at la Terrasse at The Armoury and at Place George-V.

    Because all the sites are located in the heart of the city, there are also many restaurants nearby.

  • Are there toilets on site?

    Yes. There are several toilets on all sites.

  • Where can I fill my water bottle on the sites?

    Supply points are accessible on the Plains of Abraham, Place George-V, at Parc de la Francophonie and at Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale. 

    Note that each fountain comes with 5 faucets.

  • Are there accessible viewing zones for persons with limited mobility?

    Yes, the Festival has reserved accessible viewing zones for all stages. Note that both the mobility-impaired spectator and accompanying companion must have passes.

    These zones are reserved to any individual who is mobility-impaired, whether permanently or temporarily (limb in cast or mobility-impairing injury), and who must use a manual or electric wheelchair, three- or four-wheel scooter, white cane, crutches, walker, guide or service dog (you may be asked for a certificate).

    Reservation procedure

    1 - Buy a pass for you and your accompanying individual.

    2 - Reserve your place by phone (date TBD). During the first three weeks, there’s a limit of four shows per person. After that period, you can reserve for all the shows you want.

    3 - Create a client account to download the e-ticket of the show you made a reservation for. All your reservations' e-tickets will be available in your client account. This ticket is required in order to access the zone.

    Sections capacity

    Including mobility-impaired individuals and their companion :

    • Bell Stage - Plains of Abraham : 250 
    • Loto-Québec and SiriusXM Stages - Parc de la Francophonie : 24 
    • Hydro-Québec Stage - Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale : 20 

    Evening of the show

    Come with your accompanying individual to the entrance of the site before 8: 30 p.m. If you arrive later, your reservation will be cancelled.

    Places are not attributed on a first come, first served basis. Employees will optimize the available space to make sure every festivalgoer has the best stage view possible.

  • Can I buy FEQ merch?

    Yes, the FEQ Store is back this year with a new product line. You can get our items directly online!

  • Can children come to the festival?

    Children from 0 to 10 years of age accompanied by an adult don't need passes for general admission, limited to 2 children per adult.

    Access cards are mandatory for admission to the Gold and Silver Front-Stage Zones, Bell Signature Zone and VIP section for all spectators, regardless of age.

    For the safety and wellbeing of all festivalgoers, the Festival recommends that parents with small children exercise judgment concerning the kind of show presented and the density of the crowd expected on the site before deciding to bring their children. To make it easier for families with strollers to enter the Plains of Abraham, they are asked to use the paved area leading up the hill near the Citadel.

    The parents who come with children should bring HEARING PROTECTION and especially not go towards the MOSH PITS in front of the stage.

    For security considerations, the FEQ could decide for specific shows to require passes regardless of the age, and/or limit access of one child per adult, and/or ban strollers. To find out if this rule applies to the show you want to attend, consult the artist's page.

  • Are chairs allowed on festival sites?

    No, but seat pads with a non-rigid frame back are accepted on all our outdoor sites.

  • Are animals allowed on sites?

    No. All animals are forbidden on sites, except for service dogs. A certificate could be requested.

  • Is it allowed to smoke on sites?

    It is allowed to smoke cigarettes and vape on outdoor sites. Except on terraces, such as La Terrasse FEQ, Bell Signature Zone, corporates boxes, reduced mobility zone and le Jardin.    

    It is prohibited to smoke cannabis on sites. If a festivalgoer is caught with drugs, it will be seized by the SQ. Despite the legislation, the city of Québec does not allow to smoke drugs in public places, this is why we cannot counter these prohibitions.

  • Are there checkrooms onsite?

    Yes. Several checkrooms are available to leave any items not allowed on the sites.

    Exceptions : weapons, alcohol, drugs and drug-related items, animals, fireworks and firecrackers.

    Bags will be searched before being accepted at the checkroom. 

    Available checkrooms :

    • Entrance to the Bell Stage on the Plains of Abraham (Cross of Sacrifice)
    • Entrance to the Bell Stage on the Plains of Abraham (Cap Blanc)
    • Parc de la Francophonie (Place George-V)
    • Inside the Armoury

    Fee: $5 per person. Cash only.

  • Where can I buy artists' products?

    There will be kiosks installed on the Plains of Abraham in general admission and at parc de la Francophonie.

  • Do the shows still go on if it rains?

    Yes. A show could only be cancelled during a thunderstorm or if the safety of the people onsite is in danger. Ponchos are sold for $5 at the bars and checkrooms.

  • Where can I find tourist information?
  • Is the program available in print format?

    Yes. The program flyer is available starting in June at Québec City area tourist information desks, in Média Plus display stands present in most local hotels, Affiche-tout display stands, restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

  • How to become a FEQ volunteer?

    No volunteer positions are available, all FEQ’s jobs are paid. Come work with us!

  • Are there ATMs on site?

    Yes. There are three Desjardins ATMs on the Plains of Abraham site. Several ATMs are also located near the Festival sites.

    Debit and credit cards are accepted at food stands.

    Exception : mobile vendors and mobile bars are cash only.

  • Are there giant screens on site?

    Yes. There are screens on the Plains of Abraham.

    Screens on both stages at Parc de la Francophonie (Loto-Québec and SiriusXM Stages) stream the shows of the other stage.

  • What should I do if I find something on one of the Festival sites?

    Bring it to the Kiosque objets trouvés (lost & found) located at the corner of Wilfrid Laurier and Place George-V East, close to Parc de la Francophonie. You can also take the object to one of our checkrooms.

    Schedule: 11 a.m. to midnight

    The items will be kept at the Kiosque objets trouvés (lost & found) for approximately 48 hours. After that, the objects will be at the reception desk of the FEQ, located at 683 rue St-Joseph East, b. 150 Quebec (Quebec) G1K 3C1.

    Unclaimed items such as umbrellas or water bottles will be kept for 30 days and valuables (phones, keys, wallets, etc.) for 90 days.


  • Can I buy general admission passes for the Festival?

    General admission passes for next year's edition will go on sale in the winter of 2024.

    Passes can only be purchased directly on our official website. BEWARE OF RESALE SITES!

    The FEQ is not responsible for purchases made on other websites.

  • Are there day passes on sale?

    No. The FEQ concept is one pass that is good for all shows in general admission.

    The only option to buy a ticket for one night is in Le Jardin zone.

  • Is my place guaranteed at all shows in general admission?

    No. The capacity of our sites ranges between 7 500 people and 90 000, this is why the FEQ cannot guarantee acces to all shows.

    It is advised to come early to the shows you want to see.

    To ensure safety on all sites, the FEIQ keeps the right to take appropriate decision, such as limit access on sites.

    Bell signature Zone, le Jardin, Gold and Silver Front-Stage Zone owners, have a guaranteed access to all shows on Bell stage of plains of Abraham. This privilege does not apply to other sites.

  • Are there VIP passes on sale?

    No, VIP passes are not on sale. Only Gold and Silver Front Stage Zones cards and Bell Signature Zone cards and le Jardin are available to the public.

  • Why should I activate my wristand?

    There are many perks associated with activating your wristband. Amongst others, it can be replaced if lost or stolen (certain conditions apply).

  • What is your stance on resale?

    FEQ wants the Festival to remain accessible to all music fans. In addition to encourage festival-goers to share their passes, the Festival takes several measures to prevent resale. To learn more, visit our page in that regard.

  • Can I share my pass?

    Yes, you can. The pass is not personal so you can share it with friends and family.   

    FEQ has always been committed to being an affordable Festival, with a general admission pass for all music lovers. It’s part of FEQ’s mission to encourage sharing.


  • When is the next FEQ edition?

    Next editions of the Festival d'été de Québec

    •  July 4 to 14, 2024 
    • July 3 to 13, 2025
  • Where are the outdoors stages located?

    In 2022, the FEQ shows were presented on four outdoor stages:

    • Bell Stage on the Plains of Abraham.
    • Loto-Québec Stage at parc de la Francophonie (side-to-side stages).
    • Sirius XM Stage at parc de la Francophonie (side-to-side stages).
    • Hydro-Québec Stage, place de l'Assemblée-Nationale (free access).