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5 simple gestures for a respectful and eco-friendly FEQ

1 - Opt for durable mobility

Whether you take the bus, walk, ride your bike or use àVélo, it's the most impactful gesture you can make!

2 - Recycle your cans

Without crushing it or stripping away the pull tab, dispose your can in the good bin. Aluminium can be recycled endlessly!

3 - Stay hydrated, don't waste

Bring your empty plastic (rigid or not) or stainless steel bottle and fill it at one of the supply points on site. Less plastic and more hydration!

4 - Good neighbourliness

Have a thought for downtown residents at the end of the show and avoid making too much noise. Keep your outburst of joy for later!

5 - Sharing over reselling

By using a shared pass and not buying it from a reseller, you help us achieve our mission  : make music accessible for all.

Other gestures to have a good time

Be mindful of the environment, dispose of waste in the trash bins, and avoid destroying the flora while respecting the layout and furniture on site.

Learn more about our sustainable development initiatives.

Help make FEQ a secure event for all by respecting fellow festival-goers and employees on site.

If you witness someone being disrespectful, dangerous or violent, please immediately inform a security staff or a member of La Brigade identified by a yellow card around their neck. La Brigade, protecting women first and foremost, also defends any vulnerable person.

La Brigade