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Acid Arab (DJ set)

Extras FEQ Stage The Armoury Pass required
Monday — July 8
On the same stage :
Acid Arab (DJ set)

Emerging ten years ago from the transcultural cauldron that is Paris, the mighty French-Algerian collective was born from the encounter between Pierre-Yves Casanova, Nicolas Borne, Hervé Carvalho, Guido Minisky and Kenzi Bourras. With their intoxicating blend of sharp Western electronic music with Eastern sounds & vocals, they’ve been putting worldwide festivals and club audiences under a spell.

Aiming at creating a space for Arab culture in the world of contemporary electronic music, Acid Arab patiently honed their style through their numerous collaborations and their constant travels all around the Mediterranean and beyond.

From Algerian gasba, Anatolian trance, synthetic dabkeh, bionic raï and many more, Acid Arab have incorporated and invented a spectrum of styles, breaking boundaries between genres. Their sumptuous new album sees them pushing the envelope and further expanding their musical territories.

Photo credit : Guillaume Durand

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