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Every year, the enthusiasm for FEQ is clear, and we're delighted that festival-goers are eager to get their passes. Thanks for getting excited about FEQ with us! 

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the scarcity effect to resell passes. It’s abnormal to find passes on the market at a much higher price than that set by the Festival. It’s the resellers who profit from the passion for music, to the detriment of the artists and the public. 

Because FEQ wants the Festival to remain accessible to all music fans, we have taken several measures to prevent resale

  • Ticketing access monitored to prevent purchases by robots; 
  • Limit of 4 passes per transaction;  
  • One card transaction at a time; 
  • Waiting room system to manage buyer flow and prevent mass purchases; 
  • Incentives to buy passes on our website.  

Despite our best efforts, resale remains a reality for all festivals and shows. We’re aware of this and, like you, we're disappointed when fans can't enjoy their festival at the right price. 

How to detect prohibited resale? 

  • Make sure you are always on the official FEQ website to make your purchase. 
  • Pay attention to the first links displayed on search engines. Sometimes resale sites pay to get listed first. 
  • Check the prices and availability of passes: 
    • If passes are sold before they go on sale, these are resellers. 
    • If passes are still being sold even though quantities are sold out, these are resellers. 
    • The availability and official prices are displayed on our site on the page Choose my pass

Share, don't sell

FEQ has always been committed to being an affordable festival, with a general admission pass for all music lovers. That’s why we encourage sharing among friends and family. It’s part of FEQ’s mission to encourage sharing. The resale of passes deprives fans of this summer pleasure. 

Keep an eye out for potential resales, and discuss them with those around you.  

To learn more about resale, visit the Office de la protection du consommateur website.