Safety & Security


The Squad’s primary purpose is to protect women, but also defends anyone who is vulnerable. Composed of over 60 volunteers and employees from all walks of life, its members roam all the FEQ sites or keep watch from their work station. They are specially trained to identify and help anyone in a vulnerable situation. Squad members are trained by Viol-Secours CALACS (Centre d'aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel). FEQ encourages anyone who experiences harassment to report it to the Squad. 

Always with a view to offer festival-goers the best possible experience, FEQ’s thoughtful initiative is part of a broader security and customer- experience spectrum, reflecting the organization’s values. 

If you see something, say something!


First responders will be circulating on the sites, do not hesitate to ask them for help if necessary. In case of a situation that requires important care, a medical team will be stand-by to help.

To assure the safety of the festival-goers, the FEQ installed first aid tents on its four main outer sites:

- Bell Stage, Plains of Abraham
- Loto-Québec Stage, Parc de la Francophonie
- SiriusXM Stage, Parc de la Francophonie
- Hydro-Québec Stage, Coeur du FEQ, Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale


Even if our shows (entertainments) are presented during the evening, it’s important that you take your precautions when you arrive early to participate to the Festival’s activities or to stay in line for several hours to get good spots.

Before leaving your house, look at the weather forecast report!

During days of intense heat…

- Bring your sunscreen to avoid sunburns
- Bring a hat to protect yourself from a sunstroke
- Don’t forget to hydrate yourself by drinking water

Verify the list of objects that are allowed and forbidden on our sites. However, especially if you plan on being in line for long hours before the opening if the sites, bring some water or other refreshments in packaging that you can leave in the recycle bins at the entry of every site. Only empty bottles, rigid or crumpled are accepted on sites.

Water fountains, located on sites are available during the opening hours of the site.

Bell Stage, Plains of Abraham
6 refreshment points provided with 5 fountains (total of 30 fountains)

Parc de la Francophonie
1 refreshment point provided with 5 fountains (total of 5 fountains)

During rainy or colder days …

- Get dressed accordingly to the weather
- Put on comfortable shoes
- Bring your raincoat or your poncho. (Umbrellas are forbidden!)