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Indie / Folk


Hydro-Québec Stage Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale Free
Wednesday — July 10

From the first notes, Valence invokes a prism of colours, decorated with flowers and poetic rosaries. The indie-pop project of Vincent Dufour, originally from Quebec City, serves as an outlet for his passions. And with Valence, we know that he will go straight to the heart of the matter.

Following the release of the EP Cristobal Cartel, which many saw as the promise of a bright future, and taking advantage of the momentum her received as winner of Francouvertes in 2020, Valence launched the album Pêle-mêle in September 2021.

The latest album, La nuit s’achève, is described as being drawn in chiaroscuro rather than in halftones, and presents a more confident artist who understands the milestone that this new album represents in his life. On this new work, Valence can see into the future and his voice is in tune with the passion that runs throughout his music.

Photo credit : Elizabeth Landry

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