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Indie / Folk

Night Lunch

Hydro-Québec Stage Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale Free
Tuesday — July 9
Night Lunch

The musical escapades of Night Lunch elegantly evade the standard tropes of modern indie music by dint of a verve that’s just quirky enough to deceive the unsuspecting ear. In the shadowy corners of a city where sin never sleeps, the bunch writes clair-obscur pop songs, in essence, engaging with romantic themes as well as with phantasmagorical imagery. In practice, their perfectly anachronistic melodies are nestled atop spiffy arrangements rooted in early R&B, soul, AM gold and new wave.

The recent Fire in the Rose Garden is a love letter written in timeless ink, a marvelous melodic elegy; bright indie pop with a somber twist.

Photo credit : Aabid Youssef

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