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Natalie Tenenbaum

United States
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Friday — July 12
Natalie Tenenbaum

Acclaimed by critics, this pianist, composer and songwriter redefines virtuosity and emotion through a wide range of possibilities with her recital THE PIANO // Re-imagined, in addition to having collaborated with artists like Lang Lang, David Byrne and even Tina Fey in both acoustic and electro-acoustic settings. A creator who is adamantly turned towards the 21st century.

Marianne Trudel - First part

Generous and endearing artist, a true powerhouse in the Quebec and Canadian music scene, Marianne Trudel thrives on projects and has been active on the stage for over 20 years. As a pianist and composer, she offers you a rich and diverse sonic universe in which composition and improvisation intertwine brilliantly. Drawing from jazz, chamber music, and world music influences, her imaginative and poetic music transports and deeply moves the listener.

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