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Indie / Folk

Les Hay Babies

Bell Stage Plains of Abraham Pass required
Tuesday — July 9
Les Hay Babies

Les Hay Babies are, first and foremost, friends: fun comes before work, and work gets done with fun. Originally Acadian from New Brunswick, Julie Aubé, Katrine Noël, and Vivianne Roy have been advancing their vibrant and diverse folk-rock for over a decade, renewing their musical offerings with each release. Discovered through their indie-folk/country EP Folio in 2012, they returned two years later with Mon homesick heart, a first album with contemporary folk-rock sounds. The 60s/70s rock and 80s ballads of La 4ième dimension (long version) followed in 2016, then the 70s pop/disco of Boîte aux lettres in 2020. A fourth album, inspired by the roots rock of Louisiana jukeboxes, will follow in 2024. Always changing course, which is as much a hallmark of the group as their unflagging enthusiasm and interest in updating past sounds.

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