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Crave Stage Place D’Youville Free
Saturday — July 13

Inspired by French electro and funky pop from the 80s, Fovelle makes danceable, catchy and hard-hitting music. The producer likes to collaborate on each song with performers he admires and to remix songs he would have liked to compose. He is an apostle of Prince, Daft Punk and SG Lewis. On stage, Fovelle arrives with his ‘dangerous characters’ to blur the lines between the rock show and the DJ performance. Soaring musical heights, uninterrupted grooves and surprising composites; come dance to these multi-instrumentalists at a party where synths, brass and everyone's voice come together.

Fovelle has released two EPs, Fovelle N°1 and Fovelle N°2, with the second receiving a nomination for Pop EP of the Year at the 2023 GAMIQ awards.

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