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Canicule Tropicale

Extras FEQ Stage The Armoury Pass required – 18 and over
Sunday — July 14
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Canicule Tropicale

Searching for a rare gem is what obsesses Philippe Noël and La Mano Peluda (Clément Jehan), creators and DJs of the monthly evening Canicule Tropicale held in Montreal for several years now. The rare gem is a forgotten vinyl record that turns a dance floor upside down.

The hunting ground for these two vinyl diggers, collectors and by extension DJs is wide: Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia; do we need to tell you that the targeted areas are all tropical? These records come from the four corners of the planet and from another era, usually between 1950 and 1980.

Canicule Tropicale gives us a BIG DANCEFLOOR and a very eclectic selection in terms of sources and musical genres, ranging from afrobeat to cumbia, from kompa to forró, from ethio-jazz to salsa, to name just a few.

Photo credit : Chloé-Ève Thibault

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