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Rap / Hip-hop


SiriusXM Stage Parc de la Francophonie Pass required
Thursday — July 4
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Attending a Calamine concert is like witnessing a manifesto to queer irreverence, a festive and casual rejection of heteropatriarchy, and an eco-anxious lament, where enthusiasm and cynicism compete with each other.

Faced with neo-liberal indecency, personal degrowth invites us to dance on the decline of the world, embrace the intellectual bad faith of populists and reclaim our status as waste in a perspective of empowerment. The therapeutic tools favoured during her concerts are hysteria and alienation.

Calamine surrounds herself on stage with her beatmaker Kethe Magane (guitars and bass), Valérie Lachance-Guillemette (saxophones and vocals) and Arthur Evenard (keyboards).

Photo credit : Marie Mike

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