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Indie / Folk


Bell stage Plains of Abraham Pass required
Monday — July 10

LUMIÈRE is a project by Étienne Côté. In 2016, he unveiled a self-titled mini-album that candidly weaves together 70s folk influences, Latin rhythms, choral singing and exploratory music, a release that became a prelude to his larger project A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R. A layered and free epic set in 1971, this new album follows three characters: Lumlum, Briquette and Cristale (the latter two interpreted by Daphné Brissette and Naomie de Lorimier), as they seek and assert themselves through open and nurturing friendships and loves. An immersive narrative frame surrounded by a musical panorama that places a contemporary spotlight on the rich heritage of Quebec song.

Also known as the drummer/percussionist in bands Canailles and Bon Enfant, Étienne Côté has collaborated on various projects with Mon Doux Saigneur, Nicolet, Mathieu Bérubé, Laurence-Anne, N NAO, Chassepareil and Duu.

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