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Metal / Punk


SiriusXM stage Parc de la Francophonie Pass required
Wednesday — July 12
On the same stage :
Protest the Hero
Protest the Hero
  • Strollers prohibited
  • Pass required for all
A veteran of the extreme metal scene in France for over 20 years, with 6 albums to their credit, Celeste’s reputation is firmly established through the band’s total immersive and aesthetic experience. Close to black metal and using sounds that are as violent as they are dissonant, Celeste’s most recent album Assassine(s) works with an abundance of rich and deep atmospherics to shape its composition structures. With an emphasis on emotions taking the forefront, we find the group pairing metal to melodies with its contrasts, even with sudden outbursts that can be powerful and heavy. A live experience that is both exhilarating and intense.

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