Silver Front Stage Zone

Intermediate zone that guarantees your place on the Plains of Abraham. This zone is located behind the Gold Front Stage Zone, between the technical control centre and the Casino de Charlevoix corporate box. 2,000-person capacity with bar and exclusive restroom services.

This card also gives general admission to all the other stages for all 11 days of the event.

On sale in winter 2022

The Silver Front Stage Zone card will be back for the FEQ's 2022 edition, presented from July 7 to 17!

BEWARE OF RESALE SITES! The Festival is not liable for purchases on other sites than that of the Festival.

Purchasing conditions

On sale in winter 2022.

Purchase online and by phone.

The Silver Front Stage Zone cards are associated with a renewal privilege, so the quantity of cards available each year may vary.

Your card also gives you access to the following*:

Outdoor venues:

Indoor venues:

*General admission only