Vulgaires Machins.
Bell stage
Plains of Abraham
Strollers prohibited Pass required for all
Bell stage.
Musical style
FEQ is very happy to have a headliner from Quebec’s alternative scene open for Rage Against the Machine on the Plains. More than ten years after the release of their last album, Vulgaires Machins is making a strong comeback with the single Je lève mon verre, still and more than ever in the groove of engaged Francophone punk. With hits like Puits sans fonds, Compter les corps, Dommage collatéral and Parasites, the band led by Guillaume Beauregard and Marie-Ève Roy always comes out swinging with rebellious lyrics, criticism of capitalism and the consumer society, and a take on the highly politicized world. Needless to say, these reunions are sure to cause quite a stir on the big stage.