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Bell stage
Plains of Abraham
Bell stage.
Musical style
Rap / Hip-hop
20some is probably the Dead Obies’ best kept secret. The songwriter with an agile pen and Franglais flow is considered one of the best rappers in Québec by his many fans. With Home Run, he has released one of the most impressive Québec rap albums of the year. Produced by Ajust (Loud, Lary Kidd), it is a serious candidate for Album of the Year at the next ADISQ awards. Armed with this impressive collection of songs, the ex-Dead Obies member is hitting the road on a tour throughout Québec. Having already performed hundreds of shows in French Canada and Europe with his band, 20some is ready to play his home province for his loyal fans, and audiences that still haven’t discovered this talented singer-songwriter from Montreal and his impressive new album.