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Lido Pimienta.
Hydro-Québec stage
Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale
Free - Pass recommended
Hydro-Québec stage.
Musical style

Making her debut at the FEQ, Lido Pimienta is a Colombian Canadian musician, singer and songwriter whose music is a multi-faceted sound universe that will appeal to fans of eclectic artists like Björk. While her first album Color (2010) was well received, the crowning came with La Papessa (2016), winner of the prestigious Polaris Music Prize in 2017 and a first for an album not sung in French or English. The follow up, Miss Columbia (2020), earned the Toronto artist Grammy and Juno nominations. Lido Pimienta’s music is hard to categorize; rooted in electro beats and cumbia, folk music from her native Colombia, she adds a variety of influences blended with multiple polyphonic voices. The result is a fascinating sonic patchwork that skilfully fuses traditional and modern sounds.