Lydia Képinski.
Hydro-Québec stage
Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale
Free - Pass recommended
Hydro-Québec stage.
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Some artists grab the spotlight and captivate their audiences as soon as their careers begin. French-Polish singer Lydia Képinski is definitely one of those artists. A big winner at the 2016 edition of the Francouvertes, she also won the prize for best EP, in addition to being named Breakout Artist of the Year at GAMIQ 2017. She did it again in 2018 with her first album, Premier Juin, receiving the award for Pop Album of the Year. The girl who spent way too much time in detention at school now channels her overflowing energy into vibrant and bittersweet indie pop. Like her, this young artist’s epic pop is fiery and layered with an array of emotions. With a new album out in the spring, the anticipation is high for a rising star that we can’t get enough of.