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Hydro-Québec stage
Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale
Free - Pass recommended
Hydro-Québec stage.
Musical style
Rap / Hip-hop
A finalist for the Revelation of the Year Award at GAMIQ 2021, and winner of Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album for her sublime Boulette Proof, this won’t be the last time we hear from Julie Gagnon, AKA Calamine. The talented artist defines herself as a feminist, anti-capitalist and queer activist, a cocktail that has surprised and disrupted the status quo of the Québec hip hop scene. The girl from the Hochelaga hood balances rap that is committed, at times irreverent, even funny, all on ultra-smooth beats with elements of jazz. A trailblazer, Calamine will be tearing up the stage at the FEQ this summer.