Alex Burger.
Thursday July 9, 20208:00 PM
Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale
Free - Pass recommended
Fibe stage - Coeur du FEQ.
Free - Pass recommended

Musical style


No, Alex Burger is not the name of a cool French-fry shack that serves hamburgers and pulled pork on fancy buns. He’s the new sonic incarnation of Alexandre Beauregard, formerly of the band Caltâr-Bateau. Now he’s diving head first into retro bluesy rock/folk, or "rock 'n funny" as he calls it, music that brings to mind last calls in the smoky bars of yesteryear. On the EP, À’ment donné (2018), guitar is in the spotlight as Alex Burger tells five stories a little in the style of Plume or Charlebois. This strangely addictive first release by the guy you may have seen doing a folky version of Bye Bye Mon Cowboy on the La Voix 2020, leaves us wanting more in the very near future.