Thursday July 9, 20206:30 PM
Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale
Free - Pass recommended
Fibe stage - Coeur du FEQ.
Free - Pass recommended

Musical style


With his overflowing creativity, Julyan imagines a melodic pop soundscape. Emerges timeless, sensitive and magnetic compositions uncovering his vulnerability and plunging us into a cinematic nostalgia. Whether it’s for his bands The Seasons and Forest BOYS or for artists he admires such as Pierre Lapointe (Pour déjouer l’ennui, 2019), Julyan is constantly composing. Nominated at the ADISQ awards in 2018 for his contribution to arrangements on the album Darlène of his brother Hubert Lenoir, he has many strings to his bow and multiplies artistic collaborations. After releasing his debut single Rebel Now Now, he’s currently working on an EP coproduced with the great Jesse Mac Cormack which will come out somewhere in 2020.