Jupiter & Okwess.
Thursday July 9, 20209:10 PM
Place D'Youville
Free - Pass recommended
Hydro-Québec stage.
Free - Pass recommended

Cancelled show

Musical style

Democratic Republic of Congo

The son of a diplomat, Jean-Pierre "Jupiter" Bokondji spent his youth between Africa and Europe, returning to his native Congo in the 1980s. Through many adventures he soaked up all the cultural wealth the country has to offer. Already rich in musical experience, in 1990 Bokondji formed Jupiter & Okwess with his musicians. They gained international recognition with the release of the album Hotel Univers (2013) and then Sonic (2017), which features collaborators such as Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorrilaz). The band tackles some social issues, but most of all Jupiter & Okwess loves to celebrate the Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing a message of hope for better days in a catchy fusion of traditional rhythms, rock, funk and Afro pop that will knock your socks off!