Cancellation of FEQ 2020

It is with a heavy heart that Festival d’été de Québec announces the cancellation of its annual festival, which was to be held in Quebec City, July 9-19.

This was not the desired outcome for our 53rd edition, but in the light of the COVID-19 crisis and its repercussions, this is the best decision to make.

The health of festival goers, staff, suppliers and artists is our top priority. FEQ supports the government in its management of this unprecedented crisis and welcomes the measures deployed to ensure that we can all reunite, in good health, in 2021.

The team is already looking forward to welcoming you all back next year. We now focus all our efforts and energy in preparing the next edition of the FEQ.

Your questions


How to get reimbursed?

You have nothing to do. The refund of General Admission passes, Gold and Silver front stage Zone card and Bell Signature Zone card will be made systematically on the credit card that was used for the purchase. No need to contact ticketing or your credit card provider.

How long before I get reimbursed?

The refund will appear on your credit card statement within 30 days of April 9. Our ticketing service will have to process several thousand requests in a short period of time. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Will I get notified when my refund has been processed?

Yes. You will receive an email once your refund has been processed. From the time the ticket office processes your case, please allow up to 5 business days to see it appear on your statement.

I would like to keep my General Admission pass or Front Stage card for the 2021 edition rather than being reimbursed. Is that possible?

No. All buyers without exception will receive a systematic refund. Other options have been considered. However reimbursement for all has proven to be the simplest solution and the most advantageous for the buyers in this period of economic uncertainty.

FEQ 2021

Why not postpone FEQ until the fall?

We did consider postponing to later dates. However, none of the scenarios explored would have made it possible to deliver an event up to FEQ standards.

Several factors have influenced this difficult decision, including the logistical complexity, the availability of artists, the uncertainty surrounding the duration of social distancing measures and the reluctance of many festival goers to take part in crowded events after the crisis.

Will the 2021 programming be the same as that planned for 2020?

We will do our best to reprogram as many artists as we can for 2021. However this may be difficult with the numerous revisions to the tour schedules caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

When can we expect the 2021 lineup to be announced?

In late winter or in the spring 2021.

When will FEQ 2021 take place?

From July 8 to 18, 2021.