Sustainable Development

For several years, the FEQ has made sustainable development a major concern. A green committee involving people from each department oversees and follows through on actions undertaken all year long. With the collaboration and strong support of Rio Tinto, the FEQ promotes these many initiatives:

Environmental initiatives

  • Collaboration with Planetair to measure and offset all the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the event.

  • Collaboration with the firm Qualiplus for site maintenance.

  • Collaboration with the eco-consultants Chamard stratégies environnementales to measure and improve maintenance and recycling on our sites.

  • Collaboration with the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) to promote public transportation and increase the number of shuttles to cut downtown traffic.

  • Collaboration with Desjardins and Coop Roue Libre to provide a bike parking area.

  • Recycling practised at the FEQ office, workshop and all outdoor sites during the event.

  • Composting practised at all food service points during the event.

  • Installation of a sorting centre and daily cleanup at all sites during the event.

  • Restoration of all sites to their original condition.

  • Sale of beer in cans to maximize recycling.

  • Greatly reduced use of plastic cups.

  • Reutilization of construction materials used to build sites.

  • Installation of a large number of trashcans and recycling bins at all sites.

  • Use of porcelain dishware for employees, technicians, artists and in corporate boxes.

  • Use of recycled plastic and lead-free ink in the production of passes by the Québec worker coop Promoplastik.

Social initiatives

  • Collaboration with the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) to promote public transportation and offer pass holders a discount.

  • Installation of a section reserved for reduced-mobility spectators at all 3 main stages (Bell Stage, Loto-Québec Stage and Hydro-Québec Stage).

  • Distribution of lost or unclaimed items to local charitable organizations.

  • Adoption of an emergency measures plan for the safety of festivalgoers and employees.

Economic initiatives

  • Solid collaboration with local suppliers for the purchase and rental of material and equipment.

  • Integration of Québec products offered at bars and food service points.

  • Creation or support of 470 jobs.

  • 4 million dollars in value-added spinoffs (GDP) for Québec (2010 numbers).

  • 4 million dollars in tax and incidental tax revenue spinoffs for Québec and Canada.

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