11 days of music, fun and experiences, right in the heart of Québec City!
See why the FEQ has been around for 53 years!



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The experience

Anywhere you are on the planet is where you spend your life, but here at FEQ, is where you live it!

1. The schedule is perfect: you can discover a whole new city during the day and attend amazing shows at night.

2. It is the only festival where you can see that many headliners: it is like hitting shuffle on your Ipod.

3. You can never get bored: many different venues, music from every style, every era, right in the city center, next to all the best attractions.

4. It is the most affordable deal in the history of music festivals: about $100 CAD for 11 days of shows.

5. You can get cozy with the artists: FEQ offers many shows, pop-up shows and meet & greet in smaller and intimate venues where festivalgoers can get pretty close to their idols.

The city

FEQ takes place in the oldest city in North America and a Unesco World Heritage: Québec City. The city has a real European vibe!

Many direct flights from major cities are coming to Québec and it is a short and fun drive, which makes it the perfect destination for a road trip or a summer vacation.

The city is safe, vibrant, has a lot to offer. Tons of amazing restaurants and of course, POUTINE! Everyone that will cross your path and every corner of the city is festive during the FEQ. It is for sure one of the best time to visit Québec City.

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Something started in 1968 and people have been wanting for more since then.

FEQ is for sure one the biggest music festivals in North America, arguably one of the biggest in the world and yet, you’ve possibly never heard of it.

The whole town is in festival mode during the event. With more than 200 shows from all the best names in music and tons of activities and attractions, it is the perfect destination for a trip to remember! Each year, people from all over the world, from Mexico to Australia, come to the FEQ to experience Québec’s art de vivre.

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